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Friends and Family of LUMC,


As you might already know, but the Leadership Council was developing a plan to begin outdoor worship off site.  But it turns out that the "Trust Clause" in the UMC also pertains to the name of the church - meaning, LUMC does not have permission to worship on or off property.  That being sad, we are still working with the conference in hopes of eventually gaining permission to return to in-person worship in a faithful and safe way.  Until then I am looking for creative ways to close the "distance" gap.  Some have suggested viewing parties - which sound a lot like home church.


The idea is that you would: 

  • host a "viewing party" at your house

  • invite family, extended family or close friends

  • watch the service together 

  • share / discuss points raised at the end

Benefits to home church are:

  • allows you to be safe and still gather with family or close friends

  • allows you to control the environment

  • allows you to host (hospitality is a spiritual gift - Romans 12:6-8)

  • allows us to easily and simply achieve the goals of the Christian faith (Matthew 28:16-20)

  • allows us to maintain a connection - AND even grow

What's next?

  1. Prayerfully consider hosting a Home Church (immediate family, extended family, and/or close friends)

  2. Determine your schedule (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly)

  3. Determine your start date 

  4. Email the office the name of your Home Church, date(s) it will meet, and expected number of attendance

  5. Provide a follow up email confirming attendance

How it works?

  • Folks arrive at your house around 10:30 am Sunday morning (if you are viewing live)

  • Arrange the room area to accommodate your attendees (ideally a comfortable space)

  • Watch the 30 to 40 minute service (ideally on the TV)

  • Discuss the points raised at the end

  • Close with prayer, refreshments, etc...

My hope is to move us beyond the frustration of not being able to worship in "our building" by providing a very old (1st century) solution.  I do not know how long this will go on, but I believe that this model allows us to move forward in a safe and faithful way that also allows each Home Church to control the environment.  I do believe that some of us have the gift of hospitality - and others of us would be interested in attending.  I am asking you to prayerfully consider Home Church - even if its just for one meeting.  



Pastor Chris

What is meant by “Home Church”?  What I’m calling home church is a Christ-centered, face-to-face gathering where the Triune God is celebrated, and discipleship is worked out.


How do we stay connected, as a congregation, through home church?  Even though gathering in the home church model is smaller than what we are used to, it does allow us to gather – as families, extended families or close friends.  Experiencing the streaming service together and the follow up discussion allows us to grow and share our faith with each other.  And sending in video Psalm readings allows us to share with the entire congregation.   


Does home church allow us to grow in faith?  This might be the best venue for growth.  It’s easier to invite a friend to your home for refreshments and a “viewing of my church service” – than it is to invite them to church.  At church they will have to meet strangers, in your home they will be with folks they know.  Small groups – like home church – is the ideal venue to in faith.  The sharing that will occur at the end of the streaming can be extremely vital and fruitful.  And, home church – like no other place allows you to share your faith; perhaps, for the first time.  It allows you an opportunity to dust off your testimony and share it with your kids, spouse, relatives, and friends 




A simple template for our hybrid home church model:


  • Invite folks to your house – to arrive 15 minutes prior

  • Welcome them in your home and around the TV (coffee and refreshments optional)

    • YouTube channel on smart TVs

    • Airplay with apple TV and iPhone

    • TV can also be used as an external monitor with your computer w/ the right cables

  • Watch the streaming worship (10:45 am on Sundays or whenever if you are not hosting live)

    • The service will end with 2 discussion questions

  • After the streaming has ended say, “Let me lead you in prayer before we take a few moments to share.  Lord, thank you for this day, our church, and everyone gathering in our home today.  Bless this time of growing.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.”

    • Then ask, “Who would like to start us off with the first questions Pastor Chris asked about?”  

    • After a few minutes of discussion, move the sharing to the second question – encouraging those who have not talked yet to do so.

  • After about 15 minutes (20 max), thank everyone for attending.  Remember then that this is temporary, and that we are actively trying to get back in the church building in a faithful and safe way.  

  • You might expect a few more minutes of fellowship before folks leave.  We haven’t gathered in months and folks will want to get caught up with each other.

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